TVNewser’s Brian Flood Is Headed to TheWrap

Our Adweek colleague says his dog is thrilled with the particulars.

The tradition continues. Following in the crossover footsteps of James Crugnale and Jordan Chariton, another Mediabistro-slash-Adweek media watcher is moving on to a full-time position with TheWrap.

Beginning Monday, TVNewser co-editor Brian Flood will be TheWrap’s new media reporter, replacing Chariton, who is doing a bang-up job on the 2016 presidential campaign beat with The Young Turks. One slight difference with regards to Flood is that he will bring to TheWrap some additional knowledge of and experience within the sports media. He will remain based in New York, traveling to L.A. as needed.

“I am very fortunate that TVNewser hired me to cover the media industry after a 10-year career strictly covering sports,” says Flood. “The opportunities that Adweek and TVNewser gave me have resulted in an exciting next chapter in my career.”

As a reminder of just how much sports is central to Flood’s M.O., his Australian cattle dog, a she, is named Posada after former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada. He tells us Posada is “thrilled” with the fact that her owner will be tethered to a familiar home office for the new gig. Ha ha.

Before TVNewser, Flood was at and the NFL league office. He says a podcast is already in the planning stages at TheWrap and that he will be looking, from the Jan. 25 get-go, to build up the site’s sports media and sports business coverage. Congrats to Flood and we wish him all the best as he begins this exciting new career chapter.

P.S. Two years after TheWrap, Crugnale is now associate science editor at The Weather Channel.