Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers Have A New App For Generating Music

Ambient music composer Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers have created a new iPad app called Scape that seeks to answer the question, “Can machines create original music?.”

“Scape is our answer to that question: it employs some of the sounds, processes and compositional rules that we have been using for many years and applies them in fresh combinations, to create new music,” the creators, who also worked together on the music app Bloom, explain on their website. “Scape makes music that thinks for itself.”

Using the app, users can assemble pieces of music out of sonic building blocks. These elements respond intelligently to each other, and by layering them, the user can build a piece of music. All of the pieces have background tracks which are complemented with foreground elements, which are distinguished by color and form. Follow this link to check out a video demo of the app.