Brian Brooks Starts Blogging for Movieline

From Indiewire to Deadline to Movieline. That’s the 2012 progression (so far) for Brian Brooks. After jumping Nikki Finke ship earlier this month, he has officially this week begun posting blog items for the PMC sister site.

Brooks was barely noticeable at Deadline. He helped with Sundance coverage and the last leg of film awards season, but from the get-go it seemed like an odd match. Here’s what Finke told his former Indiewire colleague Anne Thompson last week:

Finke says that Brooks was homesick for New York, where Movieline happened to have some openings. “He’s a great piece of manpower and there was no way the parent company was going to let him go,” she says. “It worked out well, he will fit their needs. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Brooks will apparently continue to write the occasional indie film box office report for Deadline. Meanwhile, though the veteran film reporter’s Twitter account has remained dormant since he left Indiewire in January, there is rather unbelievably another dude who sporadically maintains the feed @ShitBrooksSays. Go figure.

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