Brett Ratner–Hack with Stilettos?

FBLA cannot fathom the minds of the ad industry. Brett Ratner + Molly Sims+ Quincy Jones does not equal big sales of adorable strappy heels.

Ratner’s such a hack he can’t even get the cliche right. You drive a bitch from NY to the desert to off her–and you can’t make her dig her own grave first?

Tamara Mellon, president of the shoe company, says

We like to tell a story in our campaigns. I like to evoke the emotion out of people. Brett’s got amazing film referencing and is able to tell a story. There’s a great interaction [between Sims and Jones].

Great film referencing? Is that a new phrase for ripping off? And you can just taste that interaction–or rather smell it, as the sun in the desert gets hotter.