Media Take Their Shots at Brett Ratner

In the wake of Brett Ratner’s resignation as co-producer of the 84th Academy Awards, FishbowlLA wondered how long it would take for a prominent journalist to raise the issue of Eddie Murphy’s full F-word rant in Delirious. We now have the answer–this morning, New York Times media columnist David Carr touches on the comedian’s Mr.T-Honeymooners opening bit, suggesting that the routine makes Ratner seem “positively refined by contrast.”

Meanwhile, Jewish Journal columnist Danielle Berrin (a.k.a. “Hollywood Jew”), who claims she owes her full-time status at the publication to the controversy caused by a 2008 profile of Ratner, refreshed that infamous angle last night. It seems Ratner has never stopped inappropriately chasing after the reporter:

Every time I see Ratner, he hits on me again. Though only after he insults me: “You’re still at the Jewish Journal? Your piece on me was supposed to advance your career.” (Editor’s note: It did. I got salaried and health insurance.)

The last time I saw him, at the Museum of Tolerance dinner honoring Tom Cruise, he said, “You’re cute, but can you cook?” Months later, I texted him to ask for an interview about Tower Heist (which he did not grant) and to maybe do a live Q-and-A with me in advance of the Oscar cast he was supposed to produce. I asked if we could have lunch and talk it over. He only wanted to know if I still had a boyfriend.

Finally, E! gossip monger Ted Casablanca, in a piece co-bylined with Alyssa Toomey titled “Can Olivia Munn Finish Taking Brett Ratner Down?,” went chasing after additional comment from the actress about some sordid, shrimp cocktail Howard Stern-related back-and-forth. “Just let the world know if you’ve ever heard Ratner use anti-gay lingo in the past, just like he did at that ArcLight screening,” the reporters plead.

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