Decker Looks for Rare Hires

Every week comes news of more layoffs at media outlets across the country as journalists cling to their jobs or hope to find new ones. Providing a rare ray of sunshine this week is Rare, Cox Media Group’s new conservative news outlet, which is in hiring mode. We first reported on their arrival to D.C. Tuesday.

“Out of the gates we’re looking to build up our network of outside contributors, and there are a couple of full-time slots,” Rare Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker told FishbowlDC. “A full-blown caffeine addiction isn’t necessarily a job requirement, but these will be very fast-paced gigs with aggregating, reporting, writing and social media components — and preferably all with an edge. Sort of like Lois Lane meets Matt Drudge with a little George Will and Dennis Miller mixed in.”

Decker says there are no litmus tests for this team.

See Rare‘s first hire.

Rare announced its first hire Wednesday. It’s Tabitha Hale, a social media guru with about 40,000 Twitter followers. “But more importantly, she has an outside-the Beltway skepticism of anything happening in D.C.,” Decker remarked. “That will be a not-so-rare trait uniting the diverse contributors at Rare.”

Rare is staffing up to purposely rep the various fractious camps in the conservative-libertarian movement. “The disastrous 2012 election has center-right Americans in a circular firing squad,” he added. “Instead of sniping at each other in a self-destructive family feud, these groups need to come together to make sure we’re not swearing in President Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden in four years. We’ll be pushing this reconciliation at Rare.”