Bret Easton Ellis Kicks Off Podcast with Kanye West

We’ve all read the incendiary Bret Easton Ellis tweets. So it’s somewhat surprising, for anyone not familiar with his voice, to hear how mellow he sounds. Off the top of his new PodcastOne show, Ellis is one part NPR-worthy and another college campus groovy DJ.

Also kind of hilarious is the length of Ellis’ first question. It’s bled from the intro, yes, but it runs a full four minutes as Ellis used a recent interview he did with an Italian film magazine to throw a query over to Kanye.

The best news here is that from the start, West sounds 150% more cogent than he did during that recent, bizarre Jimmy Kimmel Live pit stop. It’s a fascinating hour-long Part 1 talk and Ellis’ addition to the podcast firmament is also a most welcome one.

The weekly Ellis program is also the latest brand-name building-block for PodcastOne CEO/founder Norm Pattiz. At this point, arguably, only SiriuxXM is domestically ahead of him in the U.S. long-form radio-convo game.

[Image provided by PodcastOne]