Bret Baier: Your Carriage With Politico Awaits

There may be no love lost between Fox News PR and Politico after they declared Politico scribes unfit for their airwaves in a recent quote to The Daily Caller. But there is a heated romance going on between the publication and FNC anchor Bret Baier.

In today’s edition of Politico, not only did author Mike Allen devote the first three graphs of “Playbook” to his story on Baier, but the piece itself is two pages of graph after graph after graph of gushing evidence about just how terrific Baier is. It’s the sort of piece you hang on the refrigerator — for years.

Baier says the biggest thing he does in his work is …. he listens. This is deep listening, not your garden variety ignore your subject and move on. Is this supposed to be unusual for a reporter? Allen even had a GOP consultant study Baier’s TV tapes. He compares Bret to a Boy Scout with a “very sharp” knife. As analogies go, how great is that?

The bulk of the story reads like a publicist’s dream with quotes that sound like soundbites such as this one from Baier in which he remembers to include the obligatory mention of former Bureau Chief Brit Hume: “I always wanted to cover politics when the American people were interested in politics, and, as you know, that’s now,” Baier said. “And I always aspired to follow in my mentor, Brit Hume’s, footsteps, and I’ve done it, so I’m living what I wanted to do.”

We did learn one thing we didn’t know about Fox News. In page two of the bland, smoochified profile, it’s revealed that the network has a “Brain Room” — a room packed with briefing books — that Bret flees to before moderating debates.

Even if FNC PR hated Politico last week, surely they’re warming to them now.