Brenda Starr To File Final Report In Early January

Since her debut in a June 1940 issue of a Chicago Tribune comic book insert, Brenda Starr has been involved in countless adventures and romances.  Today we learned the intrepid reporter will write her final byline early next year.  Brenda Starr writer Mary Smirch and illustrator June Brigman will print the final episode on Jan. 2.  Smirch has authored Starr’s escapades for the last 25 years.

Brenda Starr was created by Dale Messick and, according to a Chicago Tribune report, his redheaded brainchild appeared in over 250 U.S. newspapers at its peak in the 1950s.  Although Tribune Media Services will end Starr’s career in January, the first collection of Brenda’s daily and Sunday strips will be made available in June 2011.