Breitbart‘s Boyle Battles Ashley Judd

Since she may be the Democratic challenger for Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) Senate seat, Breitbart News‘ Matthew Boyle is all over actress Ashley Judd.

Judd gave a speech at George Washington University Friday, an event attended by Boyle. Press was allowed to sit in for the speech but were told they couldn’t ask Judd questions during the audience Q&A portion (not ideal circumstances for press but also not unusual at university events). “GW has press behind a pole post at Ashley Judd event,” tweeted Boyle. “Remember, no reporter Q’s #WarOnFirstAmendment.”

Boyle then wrote up a short post about Judd’s media “stonewall,” comparing it to the White House’s “attack campaign” against WaPo‘s Bob Woodward.

He also wrote a fuller story on Judd’s speech, which he said “flopped.” (It couldn’t have been any worse than Where the Heart Is.)

The next day, Boyle jumped on a since-deleted tweet from Judd. “You deleted that tweet pretty quickly,” Boyle baited Judd on Twitter. “Why?” (We’ve reached out to Boyle to find out what Judd deleted.)

She made the mistake of actually responding. “Cause you’re [sic] tone and distorting aren’t worth it,” Judd said.

“I accurately reported what you said Ashley,” Boyle, who is on a first-name basis with Judd, replied. He followed up:

  • “You told a young man asking about what he should do when his female friends won’t seek help that he should force them to.”
  • “You said – direct quote: ‘You can take her by the hand and take her there yourself.'”

A large portion of Judd’s speech dealt with her experience being raped as a child and what other rape victims should do. “Presume goodwill,” Judd replied. “Your interpretation of coercion is revealing more about you. I meant care, concern, support, friendship.”

With that, Judd was done. But Boyle was not. “Um, the context of the question was that the women refused to go to authorities,” he said. “Were you listening during the question?”

And one more tweet from Boyle about Judd’s improper use of “you’re”: “Ashley, was your excellence in grammar something that helped get you into Harvard?”

We hear Boyle is working on a story about the mysterious tweet. Judd has since deleted all of her direct tweets to Boyle.