Breitbart Protege and UCLA Student Lila Rose In the News Over Planned Parenthood Sting

You’d think after James O’Keefe’s undercover ACORN videos were widely discredited due to cheap editing tricks, the media would stop taking these things seriously. But the young pro-life group Live Action – led by UCLA student Lila Rose, who helped devise the ACORN scam with O’Keefe – is making waves for its latest highly edited undercover sting of Planned Parenthood. A surreptitiously recorded video by the group appears to show a PP worker showing a man claiming to be a sex trafficker how to get treatment for his underage prostitutes. Again, the video is highly edited, so who knows the truth of how the interaction went down. That said, Planned Parenthood has fired the worker in the video.

Live Action says they made the videos in an effort to get Planned Parenthood’s federal funding gutted.

The notion that Planned Parenthood is in cahoots with child traffickers is laughable. As Media Matters notes, the organization just tipped off the FBI to a multi-state trafficking ring last week. Their entire existence is geared towards providing medical treatment for women who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Prostitutes need help too. Giving it to them doesn’t mean you’re furthering their exploitation. But the video was all over Fox News last night, with commentators expressing faux outrage and demanding PP’s funding slashed. We’ll see if the veracity of these tapes holds up long enough for Congress to cave in to right-wing pressure.