Breitbart News EIC Tips Major Expansion Plans

Alex Marlow tells Reuters France and Germany will soon be added to site's international footprint.

It’s a brand new world. One that many Hillary Clinton-favoring U.S. media outlets and pundits could not possibly imagine as a reality.


On the media flip side, Breitbart News Network, whose former chairman Steve Bannon stood on the victory podium last night next to President-elect Trump, sees much opportunity. It’s not the Trump TV scenario that some outlets were whispering about this fall. Rather, as the site’s U.S. editor in chief Alex Marlow recently told Reuters reporter Emily Flitter, his site plans to expand in the U.S. as well as add to Breitbart London overseas. The interview was conducted last week and published today:

Marlow said he plans to hire more journalists in the United States and increase Breitbart’s multimedia production here, with more podcasts and videos.

“There’s going to be more hiring that goes on–I’m already picturing more tech reporting, more media reporting,” Marlow said. “We do a ton of politics reporting now so I don’t know that we’ll need to do more but we certainly aren’t planning on scaling back with anything.”

Breitbart’s U.S. technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos is meeting with producers outside of Breitbart to explore launching a new television show, Marlow said.

Marlow says interviews have also begun in Europe with regards to staffing up Breitbart France and Breitbart Germany. To go along with the site’s current U.K. outpost. Read the rest of Flitter’s exclusive here.