Breitbart in D.C. to Tout American Values Kids Books

Tonight Big Journalism’s Andrew Breitbart is in town to promote American values-themed digital books for children. He’ll host a “meet and greet” for authors Allen Covert and Dan Kessler of Cherry Tree Media, a Hollywood-based digital publishing company, at his abode on Capitol Hill. At the gathering, Covert and Kessler will launch “American Stories for America’s Kids.”

Cherry Tree promises to deliver “patriotic and morally instructive children’s entertainment.” They use family-friendly characters to tell stories oozing with values. Take Tex the T. Rex. He was born in a red, white and blue egg on the Fourth of July. That’s realistic enough — a green animal resembling a cross between a bunny and a dinosaur is hatched from a tri-colored egg. Rex travels the country with his dog, the originally-named Spot, to learn why the United States is so special. In Special Hops, Commander Jack Rabbit, Lieutenant Cashmere and Cadet Cottontail (a brave and loyal trio, especially Lt. Cashmere, our personal favorite) protect the farm and keep the animals living in freedom.

Covert says value-themed books are sorely needed. As an actor, writer, producer, and frequent collaborator in films with Adam Sandler, he stated, “Unfortunately, many talented people in Hollywood find their values and politics do not reflect the content they create, and many movie themes are in direct contrast with over half of today’s American families.  This is especially reflected in children’s entertainment where no brand currently promotes a strong patriotic, pro-family or American values message.”

Kessler agrees with Covert wholeheartedly…

“Americans are very concerned about the entertainment their children and grandchildren are consuming,” said Kessler, co-founder and President of Cherry Tree. “They have no control over the messages and advertisements that bombard their kids in traditional media. Cherry Tree is a safe world for American families to get trusted entertainment for their children. To say that there is a need for this would be somewhat of an understatement.”

Let’s all toast to Lt. Cashmere. Liberals, you may now open your barf bags.