Breitbart in Bed and Bath

Photo credit: Bryce Duffy

Time magazine is a vision this week. The magazine presents new conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart lounging in bed in pajamas at his Los Angeles home. He’s also in a bubble bath, chest exposed, working on his laptop.

In the piece by Steve Oney, he talks casually by phone with conservative commentator Ann Coulter. We hear his side of the conversation – not hers.

The headline:
Polarizing and profane, Andrew Breitbart is fast becoming the most powerful right-wing force on the Web

An excerpt:
Andrew Breitbart sits in an Aeron chair at an iMac computer gazing out the sliding glass door of his Los Angeles home office. On the patio, a hula hoop and a portable basketball rim await his children’s return from school. Breitbart, 41, dressed on this late-winter day in his standard work uniform of a dirty oxford-cloth shirt and grungy khaki shorts, looks more like a surf bum than one of the most divisive figures in America’s political and culture wars. Then his BlackBerry rings.

The woman at the other end of the line, conservative fulminator Ann Coulter, is among Breitbart’s staunchest allies, and they soon are engaged in a spirited attack on liberals. “Their entire structure is writhing in diseased agony on the side of the road, and they don’t even realize it,” Breitbart says. But the left isn’t the only object of disdain. “I’m sick of this effete GOP nothing sandwich,” he adds, growing more animated. “As long as everyone is so pristine and socially registered, we’re going to lose.” Shortly before signing off, Breitbart says, “The second I realized I liked being hated more than I liked being liked-that’s when the game began.”

So yes, soul mates.

But not everyone is taken with him. Find out what Politico’s Editor John Harris thinks of Breitbart’s “combatant” style journalism after the jump…

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An excerpt:
Breitbart’s online competitors are both impressed and wary. “Andrew has an eye for stories that never make the New York Times,” says a journalist with experience in old and new media. “When I see him, he’ll say, ‘Why aren’t you covering this?’ And he’s right. But some of what he publishes is irresponsible. He represents something fascinating about today’s culture but also something deplorable.” John Harris, editor of, says, “I regard Andrew as a skilled media and ideological entrepreneur, but as he becomes a combatant, he is going to get scrutinized like one.”