Breitbart Debuts New Media Site

Just in case there weren’t already enough Web sites keeping tabs on the media and reporting on what they’re reporting on, Matt Drudge protege Andrew Breitbart has entered the fray with his new offering,

The new site offers the right a place to voice opinions and concerns about the mainstream media — what they’ve missed, what they’re doing wrong and what they should be covering. During its first day in action, has even published a post by a White House insider, the Obamas’ dog Bo.

In his introduction to the latest in his new media empire, Breitbart lays out what will be:

“Big Journalism is staking the claim that media is now at war with one another: Big Media versus Small Media; Old Media versus New Media; Left Media Vs Right Media. You get the picture. The practice of journalism will never be the same, and not the New York Times‘s Pinch Sulzberger nor all the sniping children at Gawker and Media Matters can un-ring this bell — which, after all, tolls for them.

It seems for the first time in my life people who agree with my broad point of view are using the media to tell their truths, to go on the offensive, to act as checks and balances against entrenched media power. And to have a major effect…Even if you’re one of those awful, biased old-media types we seek to destroy, welcome to Big Journalism, where the spirit of free inquiry lives on.”

Sounds a little like Fox News for the Internet. And if Breitbart thinks that the thoughts and opinions on are missing from the current media conversation, he’s not alone: Tucker Carlson is launching a conservative site of his own, The Daily Caller, next week.

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