Breitbart: Celebrities Love Blogging!

Cathy Seipp posts an interview with Huffington Post enabler Andrew Breitbart. Highlight:

8. Any celebrity tears-in-the-ladies-room yet from the swarm of merciless criticism about the more inane entries? (Larry Gelbart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Brad Hall, Rob Reiner, Cheryl Saban, Richard Bradley, etc.) There must be some surprise and hurt feelings. What’s the fallout? How are you handling it?

Blogging allows people to post when they want and what they want. If they’re running to the bathroom we haven’t heard about it. From what I have heard through the grapevine is that people are invigorated by the experience.

I sure hope so, because I really want Ellen DeGeneres to post again so I can find out what happened to all those horses.

Meanwhile, Huffington herself was on ‘Charlie Rose’ last night. What happens when an infinitely ingratiating force collides with an infinitely ingratiatable object? Excerpt:

Rose: You have nothing if not an instinct for power.

Huffington: (insouciant giggle)

Rose: (knowing chuckle)

Television magic!