Breastfeeding Model Covers Elle

Magazines can't seem to get breastfeeding right. Australia’s latest issue features model Nicole Trunfio nursing her four-month-old son. This is great! We’re all for moms breastfeeding their kids. However, there are a couple problems with this cover.

If Elle really wants to normalize breastfeeding, maybe the photograph could be a little bit more… Normal. We’re not exactly sure, but we think nursing is rarely this glamorous.

Also, this cover is nice, but it’s only being sent to Elle Australia subscribers. The issue available on newsstands looks like this:

If Elle Australia was truly trying to be supportive of breastfeeding, why hide the original cover from the public eye?

It’s not just Elle Australia that is screwing up. It seems like magazines overall can’t seem to figure out how to represent breastfeeding. In 2008, W did a breastfeeding cover the correct way, with Angelina Jolie smiling during the intimate moment. There was nothing sensationalistic about the cover; it was just a (famous) mom nursing her child.

In an example of how not to do a breastfeeding cover, a 2012 issue of Time featured a mom nursing her 3 year old in a pose that basically screamed “How weird is this?”

Maybe the fact that we’re even writing this shows that breastfeeding is much more accepted than it once was, but it sure seems like magazines have a long way to go before getting it right.