BREAKING Mice Run Wild at Allbritton’s Politico

There are mice in Politico‘s house. Not ordinary mice, either. Big fat ones. And newsroom reporters are getting vocal about it in the real world and on Twitter.

Said one scribe on condition of anonymity: “The mice situation in the newsroom is DISGUSTING. We see them now during the day: fat, happy mice sauntering around the newsroom. If you get someone to call the exterminator I’ll be thrilled.” Deputy Politics Editor Sara Libby: @lkmcgann [Laura McGann] claims that the mice @politico are now so brazen, they’re “walking around with hoodies.” She’s fled to our secret Hill office.  Ben Smith’s Researcher Byron Tau: RT’s @RyanBeckwith: “Mouse wins the morning.” CLICK’s Karin Tanabe:  “@SaraLibby tell it like it is. One zipped right under the desk of @amieparnes yesterday. #justsaynotorodents.” The newly hired Deputy Congressional Editor McGann: “A mouse in the @politico newsroom asked me what I’m looking at. Enroute to super secret Hill bureau.”

What’s Politico management doing about the mice problem? We’ll find out…surely HariHei has something to say.

UPDATE: Editor-in-Chief John Harris tells FishbowlDC: “POLITICO’s newsroom shares a big floor with our ACC cousins—WJLA, channel 8, and TBD. ACC is in charge of administering the physical space. They would be in charge of any exterminator contract. It’s a big physical space between four different news operations–a couple football fields large–and I did hear there may be a mouse running around. I am eager for his/her timely demise.”

UPDATE #2:  An anonymous tipster writes…”On the mouse situation at POLITICO, where I work, it’s been a fairly long-running problem. Danielle Jones actually has several little memorials to mice who have been caught around the office. It sounds morbid, but it’s really not.”