Breaking: Wendy McCaw(ful) Strikes Again, Firing Three News-Press Staffers This Morning

Publisher Wendy McCaw(ful) strikes another blow to free speech. Per LA Observed, the Santa Barbara News-Press is looking less like a newsroom than a paintball field.

Reporters Melissa Evans, Tom Schultz and senior sports writer John Zant were all fired this morning, after participating in a rally on Friday in which protesters hung a banner over the 101 telling people to “Cancel Your Newspaper Today.”

Today’s firings follow the axing of Dawn Hobbs, Barney McManigal, and Rob Kuznia on Monday for participating in the same rally. Courtesy of Santa Barbara Independent’s Craig Smith’s blog, here is McManigal’s termination letter.

February 5, 2007

Dear Barney,

Effective immediately you are discharged from your employment at Santa Barbara News-Press for engaging in disloyal conduct. Specifically you participated in the hanging of a large banner from a bridge over Hwy 101 in full view of oncoming motorists stating “Cancel Your Newspaper Today.” It is a serious disloyal conduct for you to do while at the same time collecting a paycheck from this company.


Scott Steepleton