Breaking Up with Your Job & Flying Robots: Our Ten Best Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week.

They include an app to find a new job while breaking up with your old one, some great stats from crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, and a surprising rivalry between real life Siri, and make believe Scarlette Johansson, Her. We’re also sharing abonus video of some Drones getting groovy in a synchronized dancing routine (above).

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  1. Quit Your Job App Helps You Break Up With Your Job
  2. The Innocent Rivalry Between Siri and Scarlette Johansson “Her”
  3. The Evolution of iOS 7 in 12 Images
  4. Casio’s Pomrie Custom Stamp Printer Brings DIY Technology to Scrapbooking
  5. Samsung’s ‘Smart Home’ App Connects Phones, TVs – and Refrigerators
  6. Shocking 15% of UK Women Would Like Proposals Through Their Devices
  7. Better Than Passwords, Eyelock Myris Brings Eye Scanning Security to Your Devices
  8. Apple Acquires Mobile Photo Startup SnappyLabs
  9. 3 Million Users Helped Kickstarter Projects Earn $480 Million in 2013
  10. Add Instant Storage and Power to Your Phone with Mophie’s New Space Pack