BREAKING! Terry Riley: I’m Out, Suckas


Looks like Terence “Terry” Riley, chief curator of architecture and design, is leaving the (Taniguchi) building. No one, especially not Robin Pogrebin, who wrote the article, is sure what he’ll be doing once he leaves, but it’s abundantly clear that he did a lot of stuff in the fourteen years he was at the MoMA and he will continue to do stuff once he’s gone.

He helped raise awareness of foreign architects like Rem Koolhaas, Kazuyo Sejima and Herzog & de Meuron in the United States. He made architecture shows a high-profile staple of the museum’s exhibition program. He served on the juries of several major architecture projects and on countless panels discussing architecture. And he was instrumental in the creation of the new Modern, the redesigned building by Yoshio Taniguchi that opened last year.

He was also a “cheerleader” of some architects who are then quoted saying various things about how awesome Terry is. They are Enrique “Tequila” Norten and Dan “Lower East SideWood. Ouroussoff officially hated on the department very early on in his Times tenure, and Stern gets a little catty, but the talking point goes to Kazuyo Sejima, who must be either a little pissed or just very confused.

As an example, [Riley] mentioned Mr. Sejima, who is designing the New Museum of Contemporary Art’s new building on the Bowery and the Louvre II in northern France.

Um, copy desk? Sejima’s a chick. Like, really famously.

We could also idly factcheck a little more and point out that the new New Museum is actually being designed by SANAA, a firm Sejima runs with her partner Mr. Ryue Nishizawa, but that would just be obnoxious.

Way too late.

So we’ll start an informal poll: What Would Terry Do?