BREAKING: Register Lays Off 80-90 Employees

In a news story about the cuts, Register Editor Ken Brusic says, “In this round of layoffs, managers protected basic reporting and editing staff and targeted high salary employees, so that fewer people were laid off.”

But we know of at least four newsroom staffers who were shown the door. Names and more info as we get them confirmed.

[UPDATE: Well, the OC Weekly got the same tip we did and went ahead and published the names before we could get them confirmed — not that the Weekly confirmed them, but as long as they’re out there we figured f—k it. Among the departed:

Robin Hinch, obit writer, editor and resident baby shower party thrower

Neil Pichon, a design editor with a thick British accent.

Andy Horan, who started at the paper as a wee lad only to move up in the ranks to Sunday editor.

Steve Plesa, travel editor who has been at the paper for longer than we’ve been alive.

Greg Gibson, sports editor and nice guy.

Daniel Anderson, a photographer and husband of Register columnist Yvette Cabrera

We knew all these folks, and — man — does this news suck.]