BREAKING: Politico’s Joe Williams Resumes Tweeting

We realize that a bold “breaking” headline may be over the top. But the controversy surrounding Politico‘s resident bad-boy White House Correspondent Joseph Williams has reached cliffhanger proportions: Will they or won’t they fire him?

In the meantime, Williams has resumed doing what landed him in hot water in the first place: tweeting on the “Tweeter” as he calls it. It’s more sparring with those attacking him and thanking well wishers. Naturally he’s weighing in on the Supreme Court decision. He gets all sing songy, saying, “Get up, stand up… stand up for your rights.” More seriously, he says, “ACA upheld – damn right.”

We just hope Williams has learned the finer art of DM and that making dick jokes on Twitter about Mitt and Ann Romney and calling your own pub a racist “shitburger” may not be such a great idea.

Here’s a sampling:

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