Breaking: NBC Returns to Apple, Jobs Announces New iPods


Apple just released version 8 of its iTunes software at the company’s Let’s Rock press event in San Francisco, Engadget reports. Steve Jobs also introduced a brand new iPod Nano that responds to rotation and shake gestures, unveiled a thinner and less expensive iPod Touch, and announced that NBC has returned to the iTunes Store: now in high-definition.

The new iTunes 8 software has a Genius function that lets the program adapt to your musical tastes and suggest songs from your collection that you haven’t heard in a while, or suggests new purchases in a similar style in the iTunes Store. The iPod Nano, meanwhile, has a new shuffle feature that will randomly pick the next song if you shake the player—great for when you forgot to take Milli Vanilli off your playlist the night before. (What that was doing there in the first place is anyone’s guess.)

iTunes 8 will be available later today. The new nanos and iPod touches will be available later this week.