BREAKING: John Connolly—No Phone Records for Pellicano’s Lawyers

A win for journalists–a federal judge just granted Vanity Fair writer John Connolly’s motion to quash the subpoena for his telephone records for the Anthony Pellicano case. Steven Gruel, Pellicano’s lawyer had been lusting for Connolly’s Verizon records. Nikki Finke has all backstory, for those not up to speed on this.

Connolly told FBlA that

It’s chilling to think that Anthony Pellicano could have access to the private numbers of my loved ones, my friends, and most importantly, my sources.

Kelli L. Sager, who represented Connolly, told FBLA

We’re very pleased with Judge Fisher’s ruling–she made the correct legal ruling. Hopefully this will be the last time Mr. Connolly will have to deal with demands to see his phone records.

Sager’s a First Amendment expert, and the lawyer all reporters want on their side.

She also mentioned she learned, in the course of today’s proceeding, that Gruel had four other subpoenas issued for phone records, which was news to everyone present, including the prosecution.

A longtime observer of this case told FBLA that obtaining phone records might be all part of an effort on the part of the defense to establish that the FBI committed perjury to get the search warrant for Pellicano’s offices back in 2002.