BREAKING: Joel Sappell Tinkers with Large Plastic Box on Desk, Presses Buttons and Finds Matt Drudge

While everyone else at Spring Street was busy learning the new copyediting software, Joel Sappell snuck off and got his hands on a computer again. The result:

A piece on that internet wunderkind of the late 20th Century: Matt Drudge. A front page piece, no less, on how–hold on to your porkpie, Scoop–a link on the Drudgereport can mean additional “hits” for any tech-savvy editor willing to play Drudge’s little game. As an example, 60 Minutes producers send him transcripts, hoping he’ll quote something juicy, and generate news buzz. The result:

Some journalists, the executive said, might write the story simply to avoid getting beaten by someone else.

Canny reporter that he is, Sappell learns that Drudge has a “behind the scenes assistant”, Andrew Breitbart, currently on a trip to Israel.

Nice work from Sappell–this piece takes away an lingering doubts about him left over from his stint as head of interactive where he could only hurt himself.

Who could forget Little Antonio?

FBLA wants to know who gave him a password? Don’t let it happen again.