Breaking: Federated Media Expands Into Facebook

Federated Media Publishing has announced their expansion into Facebook through partnerships with the owners of the Grafitti application and Watercooler. The initial sponsors launching on Facebook are Hewlett-Packard and Wacom. These two companies mesh perfectly with the Grafitti application which enables users to draw on the grafitti walls displayed on their friends’ profiles. Grafitti has over 300,000 active daily users and Watercooler Inc. has over 500,000 active daily users.

This announcement provides legitimacy to the Facebook application advertising space and serves a massive blow to existing Facebook advertisers. One of the main issues facing large Facebook developers is the difficulty to connect with the companies (and brands) best fit to integrate advertising campaigns into applications. Federated Media will help bridge this gap for larger application developers and existing Federated Media partners.

Federated Media is now the largest advertising network to join the Facebook platform. This is a monumental step that will surely legitimize the platform’s potential. I have spoken with a number of other large ad networks (including ones larger than Federated Media) that have stated their intention to enter the Facebook application advertising space. Look for more announcements to follow in the coming months of large ad networks deciding to participate in this highly competitive and highly volatile space.

Federated Media stated that the new partnerships have helped their network to expand beyond 1 billion monthly page views. Other significant players in the Facebook marketing space include RockYou, SocialMedia, Cubics and VideoEgg. Looks like competition just got tougher in the Facebook ad space.

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