Facebook Launches Newsfeed Rating System

Facebook has just launched their newsfeed rating system. Valleywag had previously leaked the rating system screenshots but it has just gone live. The system is pretty basic. If you like a newsfeed entry you can give it a thumbs up. If you don’t like it, you click the “X” to remove it from your feed and your newsfeed will slowly get better. This is pretty smart of Facebook given that the newsfeed is probably Facebook’s strongest asset.

There was a lot of discussion surrounding news feed optimization previously but that has since quelled and become almost irrelevant. Ultimately, it is the user that determines their newsfeed, not Facebook. If a user doesn’t like receiving newsfeed stories from your application, chances are they won’t be receving them for very long. What would be a nice addition to this rating system is to have new newsfeed items pop-up if you remove ones that you don’t like.

I’m not quite sure how heavily I’ll be using this feature but it is definitely cool! Screenshots have been attached below. Do you think this new feature is a good one?

Newsfeed Ratings