Breaking: Facebook Changes Reporting to Monthly Active Users

Facebook has made a significant change to their application reporting metrics. Rather than displaying daily active users, applications now report monthly active users. Previously, Facebook reported application statistics on a daily basis, leading to the creation of Adonomics. Adonomics provided daily reports for all the applications by scraping Facebook’s application pages.

Unfortunately for Adonomics, their service has now been rendered useless. While developers should still be able to view their active daily users from internal Facebook statistics, the daily user activity will no longer be public. Will we see an uproar from the developer community? Probably not. Large applications can now keep many of their statistics private. Additionally, this encourages developers to focus on building more engaging applications.

The application directory has also been updated to report the most active applications on a monthly basis, not on a daily basis. This discourages the creation of one-shot applications that grow rapidly and die just as quick. It will be interesting to see how this change in statistics changes the overall platform landscape. Hat tip to Jakob Keller for the heads up.

After contemplating it for a while and reading Lee Lorenzen’s comment below, I’m not quite sure that Adonomics is useless. If Facebook updates their monthly active users regularly, this new service could still be useful. The main difference is that it will take significantly longer to see applications that have overnight drops in their user base. Adonomics can still be used for monitoring trends just not day to day movements.