Facebook Announces Second fbFund Winners

Today Facebook announced the recipients of the second fbFund. Here are the 25 recipients:

  • BarTab
  • BlackDrumm
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Check My Campus
  • Daikon
  • Faithfeed
  • Good Call Sports
  • GroupCard
  • Kontagent
  • Koofers
  • Mousehunt
  • Newsbrane
  • PartyBuzz
  • Pongr
  • ProfessionalProfile
  • RealGifts
  • Social Arcade
  • Socialfly
  • Teach the People
  • Thankster
  • TrailBehind
  • Twenty20 Cricket
  • vDream Racing
  • Weddingbook
  • Wildfire

“From now through early November, each recipient will build and submit their final applications and create a video showcasing their work, which will be found on the fbFund competition page. As round two kicks off, users will have the chance to try these applications, watch the videos and vote for their favorites. Final judging of round two will factor in user voting, as well as input from Facebook, Accel Partners and Founders Fund. Once round two closes in December, Facebook will announce five winners who will receive up to $225,000 in non-recourse grants.”

For the first round, each winner received $25,000 and now they will compete for up to $225,000. Previously I understood that the entire grants were given once the winners were selected but apparently that’s not the case. Last week I wrote that the fbFund winners would be announced on Tuesday but it looks like they postponed it a day due to our article. Oh well! At least now the developers know who won and who hasn’t.