Breaking: Colbert Mobilizes 1,000,000 in One Week

Well, they’ve done it.

The fastest growing Facebook group ever has reached its goal of 1,000,000 members in nine days. I must admit, I joined this group relatively shortly after its creation, coming in at number 22,436. I never would have thought that in just over a week, one million Gen Y’ers would be able to assemble for any cause, let alone in support of a presidential candidate, and apparently neither did anyone else.

This leads me to wonder, though. If a cable television host can rally the support of such a massive number of Facebook users to vote for him in such a brief period of time with no campaign marketing budget and no door-to-door canvassing, why are 40% of this one million not yet registered to vote?. Are we to believe that Gen Y has come to its senses that suffrage is the “reason” why US troops are in Iraq? Does this signify a sudden surge in interest in the 2008 election? Is this Facebook group indicative of next year’s “Get Out The Vote” campaign figures?

Probably not. Diddy’s Vote or Die campaign turned out to be all sizzle and no steak, and Colbert’s presidential aspirations will likely fizzle out by election time. As is evidenced by another Facebook group, “I watch Comedy Central for my news and Fox News for my Comedy”, this politically inactive and seemingly apathetic demographic is just going through the motions of showing their support for a candidate, but then again, no one believed that Colbert could muster this massive outpouring of support in a week.

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