Bebo Launching Platform Tomorrow

Following up on today’s platform launch of Friendster, Bebo is scheduled to launch their platform tomorrow. Bebo will be announcing a number of partners including the usual suspects: iLike, Last.FM, Vampires, Where I’ve Been, Flixster, Horoscopes by Rock You, My Music by Qloud, Super Comments by Rock You, Likeness, Yahoo Answers, Warbook and more! This platform sounds surprisingly similar to Facebook and even includes one of the most highly critized applications on Facebook: Vampires.

Today’s announcement of the Friendster platform experienced minimal buzz in the blogosphere. In my opinion, much of that is due to the fact that Friendster’s platform is more of a widget platform rather then an actual application platform which the Bebo platform will be. It’s impressive that Bebo has even beat MySpace to launching their platform especially after all the buzz about the impending MySpace launch.

Clearly, all of the competing social networks will launch their own version of the Facebook platform. Expect each of those platforms will roll out in the next 6 to 12 months. According to my sources, the Bebo platform is not an exact duplicate of the Facebook platform and will require adjustments over the coming months. It’s pretty impressive that they’ve been able to get something out so soon with a powerhouse team of launch partners.

Some of the developers I have spoken with are skeptical about the launch tomorrow as changes are being made at the last minute but the PR people have been briefed and are ready to go tomorrow morning. We’ll see how much of an impact this really has.