‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Generates 1.24 Million Tweets

Sunday night saw the epic conclusion of epic TV hit Breaking Bad, as an epic 10.3 million viewers tuned in to watch, 3.7 million more than the previous week’s episode, Mashable reported.

The series finale drew Breaking Bad’s highest viewership ever – and the buzz on Twitter was correspondingly active.

The Breaking Bad finale episode generated a massive 1.24 million tweets, inclusive of the U.S. East Coast and West Coast airings as well as the three-hour periods before and after those respective broadcasts.

That said, Pretty Little Liars, which currently holds the title of Most Tweeted Show Ever, generated 1.9 million tweets during last season’s finale.

Much of the Breaking Bad conversation on Twitter was generated from cast members’ and writers’ tweets about their thoughts surrounding the conclusion of one of the most important shows in television history.

In comparison, Facebook saw 5.5 million interactions from 3 million people about the final episode.

Did you watch the finale of Breaking Bad? More importantly, did you tweet about it?

(Source: Mashable. Breaking Bad image via Postgrad Problems.)