Breaking Art: The Pointed and Pointless

When big news breaks, there’s generally a pack mentality inside the media to cover the story in the same general AP way. But different publications try to spruce up their stories with visuals. Sometimes the art helps frame the story. In other instances, those manning the photo desk snoozed as they made their choices.

Here’s a look at some of the selections used to illustrate last night’s news that Herman Cain allegedly had a 13-year extramarital affair with a woman named Ginger White.

Politico: Cain aggressively pointing. Classic choice.









WaPo: A swarm of voters surround Cain. We’re unsure how the headline and photo match to make a point.









TWT: Tiny, almost insignificant photo, but Cain’s tight lips are fitting.





The Daily Caller: Our favorite because it oddly features one of those “That was easy!” red buttons purchased at Staples. This was the unconventional choice.