Breakfast with a bunch of Yahoos, including one named Terry

Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel held forth the other day in New York, and our own founder Laurel Touby was there, along with our editorial maestro, Dorian Benkoil.

We’re glad they went, because (a) the internet scares the hell out of us. Viz, at this breakfast, the Supremo Semel uses phrases like “killer app” and “search monetization” and it makes our fishy heads swim and reinforces our sense that the world is hurtling by at a dizzying pace. We fully expect that in a ten years or so, our kids will recount to their friends, disgustedly, “Dad can’t even use his neural implant correctly. He keeps thinking the wrong grocery list to telepath to me, and it’s, like a totally lame waste of my time.”

And, (b) Semel had some very interesting things to say about their presence in China.

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