Break Media Set to Launch

Break Media is expanding its portfolio of young male-aimed properties with the launch of, a new Web site debuting on June 22.

Staffed by several Maxim, Stuff, and veterans, the new service-oriented site will offer guy-appropriate information on gadgets, gear, fashion, night clubs, sports and more.

According to officials the site will be aimed at a more upscale audience than the company’s core site, which frequently features sophomoric videos along the lines of last week’s “Hot Babes Test Bras on a Roller Coaster.”

“ is the cool spot where men ages 18 to 34 can go to laugh a little, learn a lot, and become all the better for it,” said Break Media vp Jonathan Small, who also heads up the company’s original content-focused Creative Labs division.

Break has big plans for MadeMan, as the company has already convinced 100,000 users to subscribe to a MadeMan branded newsletter. Officials are predicting that will attract a million readers in just its first month. Thus far, Tanqueray and Nikon have signed on as premiere advertisers.

MadeMan is one of a series of several male-targeted brands launched by Break over the past year and a half. For example, since January of last year the company had rolled out the female celebrity directory Chickipedia, the humor-driven blog Holy Taco, and the Nascar-fan aimed All Left Turns.