Break Media Rolls Out 5 New Original Web Series

Today digital video publisher Break Media announced that it will be rolling out five brand spankin' new web series this spring accross their various websites.

Today digital video publisher Break Media announced that it will be rolling out five brand spankin’ new web series this spring accross their various websites, including their flagship site, is alreay the number one comedy site on the web, according to comScore, and the addition of five new original series are likely to cement Break Media’s position as one of the top moguls when it comes to destinations for online video content.

The first of the five new web series, ‘For The Win’, premieres today on Made Man.  Made Man is third most popular men’s lifestyle website online, according to comScore. ‘For The Win’ is a weekly infotainment series aimed at teaching men how to win at life. Topics could range from how to work a grill to how to negotiate a raise, and other topics that make men more, well, “manly” I guess you could say.

The other web series, which are set to launch this spring, include ‘FAQ U’ on Game Front, a gamer’s series for tips, tricks and game walkthroughs; ‘MMAshed Potato’ on Cage Potato, weekly recaps of the most exciting and controversial moments in MMA sports; ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on Screen Junkies, in which comedian correspondents voice their inner dialogues as they interview big name celebs; and ‘Awesome America’ on Break, in which Break’s editors travel travel the country in search of weird, wonderful and awesome things.

Personally, I think ‘Awesome America’ sounds awesome and I’d love to see ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as well. The other series may not be my cup o’ tea, but I don’t think I’m their target audience if you know what I mean. I’m sure gamers and cage fighting enthusiasts will be psyched for their respective shows.

According to a press release I received from Break, “The Break Media Creative Lab is on track to produce more than 1,000 new pieces of video content this year, which is five times the output in 2010.” That’s pretty nice growth, and what’s great about their content is that it is targeted to specific niche audiences, so they are gaining real traction in different communities online. Like I said, ‘MMAshed Potato’ may not be my thing, but there are millions of MMA fans out there who will go crazy for this stuff.

Jonathan Small, SVP Editorial and Programming for Break, says, “Break is committed to creating entertaining content that we know will resonate with our audience. We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to video production, and we’re excited to be premiering more original webseries today across more Break properties.”

The Break Media Network already reaches over 125 million users on a monthly basis. Do you think the new series will lead to a jump in traffic for the network? What do you think of ‘For The Win’ and the concepts of the other series set to launch later this year?