Brazil’s Growth Rate Fell, While Other Latin American Countries Remained Steady in May 2010

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Growth rates for some of Latin America’s largest countries remained rock steady from April to May 2010, with one notable exception: Brazil. South America’s largest country fell to a mere hundred thousand new monthly active users, compared to the 632,520 it picked up in April, according to our Global Monitor report.

Brazil is one of several large countries worldwide that Facebook is finding difficult to crack — another being India, which also slowed down in May. For Facebook, these two are prime markets, with the largest populations available in their respective world regions. But that also means that other companies have tried harder to serve them; Google’s Orkut, for instance, is proving fairly tenacious in both Brazil and India.

Facebook is faring better in some of the other markets you can see below. Mexico, which has now ranked first for four months in a row and brought in 1.5 million new MAU in April, slowed a bit in May, falling to 1.2 million MAU. But with its overall penetration only recently having topped 10 percent, it’s unlikely this country is ready to slow on a longer term basis yet.

Colombia has also held onto its position, with almost identical growth of 782,200. It formed a bloc with two of Latin America’s other highest penetration countries in May: Argentina followed with 602,680 new users, and Venezuala brought in 340,480. All are headed for 30 percent penetration, a point they’ll cross before the end of this year if they keep up their current rates of gain.

Following that trio, growth was lower for most of the remaining countries you see below. Peru slowed the most dramatically, bringing in only a third of its April total with 122,300 new MAU. However, growth was particularly good in April, so what we’re seeing for May is a bit closer to the norm, with the exception of Brazil.

There are now 42.9 million Facebook users in South America, not counting those in central America and the Caribbean, who would add in almost 15 million more. Total penetration has topped 11 percent. As always, our stats are sourced from Facebook’s advertiser tool, which offers estimates that may run a few weeks or more behind.

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