Brazilian Retailer Uses Robbery Footage in Ad Campaign

File this one under “Making the most of an awful experience”: thieves broke into Brazilian menswear retailer Reserva in December and made off with approximately $20,000 in merchandise, leaving the store in a bind right before the crucial Christmas season.

But Reserva’s manager chose an interesting way to ensure that he has the last laugh: he created an ad campaign based on security camera footage of the robbery in action. It’s certainly memorable–and as he puts it, “They stole my clothes and we stole their image.”

The spot reminds viewers that they “don’t need to break the store window” to check out the latest sale but that they should still hurry up, because “there are people doing crazy things for Reserva.”

A quick glance at the brand’s site reveals a young, American Apparel-like sensibility–so we think the company’s target audience will eat this campaign up. We appreciate the heavy metal soundtrack and the decision to highlight each class of inventory (jeans, shorts, etc.) as the robbers make off with it.

Slow clap.

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