Brazil Sees Facebook Growth in Key Demographics

[Editor’s Note: The following article presents analysis and data excerpts from Inside Facebook Gold, our research and data membership service tracking Facebook’s traffic growth and demographic landscape in global markets.]

Brazil is on its way up in the world. A growing powerhouse of 192 million citizens, the giant South American nation is receiving ever more attention internationally for both its culture and economy.

The country is a world to itself on the internet. While the rest of the continent finds advantage in freely intermingling online, Brazil has the numbers — fully half of South America’s total — to create its own online market, and a distinct language, Portuguese, that encourages division from the rest of Latin America.

This is evident in social networking. Brazil is now the only nation in the world in which Orkut, Google’s social network, is more significant than Facebook.

How much more is somewhat uncertain, but an estimate of 28 million Brazilians on Orkut is often used. Facebook reports 5.8 million users in the country.

In an interview published this morning at Inside Social Games, Juan Franco, the CEO of game publisher Mentez, suggests that Orkut’s penetration into Brazil may actually be much higher — up to 50 million of the nation’s 72 million internet users.

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