Brazil Rethinks ‘Happy Prostitute’ PSAs

There’s a subtle art to PSAs, those heavy handed, publicly funded campaigns designed to remind us taxpayers to stand away from the platform edge, resist donating money to panhandlers, and avoid the dangers of tobacco (thank you, C-3PO).

But before last week, we’d never heard of a government’s PR team working to convince the rest of the world that local prostitutes are healthy, happy, and proud of their chosen line of work.

For some reason, the director of Brazil’s federal health department thought it would be a great idea to feature members of its (legal) prostitution industry in a campaign designed to encourage safe sex and reduce societal stigmas against sex workers—all in honor of an event that the always classy Fox News Latino chose to call “International Hookers Day.” He found himself without a job after his superiors decided that the campaign, which he supposedly created behind their backs, was open to “misinterpretation.” This was after a congressman suggested that future taglines might read “I’m a pedophile, watch me, I’m happy and accomplished.” Hyperbole!

The government now plans to run a more…subdued campaign promoting safe sex by reminding the public that there’s no shame in using a condom. A slight improvement!

We can’t see why the misguided director didn’t anticipate the outrage. Pope Francis may have angered traditionalists by scandalously washing and kissing the feet of women, but we have a feeling he wouldn’t be too happy with a taxpayer-funded campaign advertising prostitution in the world’s largest Catholic country.

In other words: Don’t get any ideas, Argentina.