Brazil, Mexico, U.S. Have Most Competitive Android App Markets (Infographic)

Cheetah Ad Platform released an infographic detailing the competition in Android app development around the world.

Mobile advertising platform Cheetah Ad Platform released an infographic detailing the competition in Android application development around the world.

Cheetah Ad Platform analyzed data from 52 million Android smartphone users and found that the average worldwide user uses 27 smartphone apps on average per month and uses apps 39 times on average per month.

The infographic included data from nine countries, and Cheetah Ad Platform found that Brazil has the highest overall user engagement and app competition, with the average user using an average of 29.3 apps per month and using apps an average of 53.6 times per month.

Overall, the infographic showed that Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. have the most competitive app markets.

In terms of specific app categories, Cheetah Ad Platform found that users in Mexico use communication apps the most when compared to other app categories, while the U.K. is the most active in shopping apps when compared to other countries. Finally, Russia sees most of its competition in arcade and action games, while users in Canada are most active in board game apps when compared to other apps.

Djamel Agaoua, senior vice president of Cheetah Mobile/Cheetah Ad Platform, told SocialTimes:

We looked at the data from 52 million smartphone users to see how people engage with their devices and apps across the world. Just like the Olympics, the competition among developers is fierce. We hope this fun infographic can help app developers identify opportunities that exist in various categories.

Check out the rest of Cheetah Ad Platform’s data in the infographic below.

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