Brazen Careerist Turns Facebook Profiles Into Resumes

Startup Brazen Careerist has launched an application that generates an infographic resume from a user's social media accounts, including Facebook.

Startup Brazen Careerist has launched a Facebook application that generates an infographic resume from a user’s social media accounts.

Using apps on Facebook that are targeted toward career growth has been proven to be a stepping stone in landing that dream job, since the social networking site is deemed a highly valuable personal and professional networking source.

In a press release, Brazen Co-Founder and Chief Operating Oofficer Ryan Healy explains why the app is a must-have for young job seekers:

Our app is a fun way to help our generation make sure they put their best foot forward in the online world by encouraging professional, up-to-date profiles across social networks. We’re excited to launch this product and continue to optimize it as we hear from our community.

An infographic resume is a creative and unique way to show an employer who you are and what you bring to the table. It can help young professionals stand out from the crowd, which is what Brazen Careerist is all about.

The app also provides career feedback, tips and awards users with cleverly named badges like ‘”Smart Ass’ for having what career seekers are looking for like having a graduate degree, or a ‘”Debt Saver” badge for being savvy by attending a top 100-best-value-school.

The user’s badge count is calculated into a career success score.

The infographic resume is also asthetically pleasing, customizable with interchangeable color palettes and cheery themes like “Hip Start-Up,” “Happy Hour” and “Got a Promotion.”

Readers, are you curious to see your resume rendered into an infographic?