Four Lessons from WeTV’s Braxton Family Values Press Screening

Braxton Family Values is a bonafide smash, becoming WeTV’s highest rated original series, according to the network’s senior VP of production, John Miller. So, to kick off Season 2, the singing sisters hit New York’s Tribeca Grand Tuesday for an official press screening and Q&A.

Although the shindig successfully reignited buzz for the show, it raised a couple event planning do’s and don’ts that all publicists can learn from:

1. Feed me, Seymour — You can never go wrong with open bar and tasty appetizers. It gives attendees a chance to mingle and does a good job of masking any snafus that might pop up, such as…

2. Late is almost as bad as never — Yes, this is the entertainment biz, and we all know that singers and actresses don’t have the best track record for punctuality. However, when your invite specifically states “be on time, as you’re not guaranteed a seat,” your event needs to start on time! Our 7:30 screening didn’t kick off until well after 9 PM, and there were more than enough seats because — surprise! — some folks had already tired of waiting and bounced.  A 15-20 minute wait is fine, but two hours is simply ridiculous.

3. Gimme the scoop — Entertainment reporters, in particular, want to meet the stars they’re writing about in person. So, nix the conference calls or canned email interviews and book live promo events instead. TV is personality-driven, so who doesn’t want to see Traci kick off her shoes during the Q&A or Tamar giving the side eye to a slick talking blogger? That’s the in-your-face juiciness that makes for better blog posts, tweets, and overall content.

4. Get your biggest star on board — What was one of the first questions asked? “Where is Toni?” And the answer was anything but clear: “On her way,” said Evelyn. “She’s busy,” said Tamar. Um, yeah. If one of your stars can’t make it, just be honest upfront. That way, you’ll save some of the embarrassment of having the rest of the cast lie cover for him or her.

Season 2 of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, November 10 on WeTV. Here are more pictures from the event:

Trina, Tamar and Towanda take questions during the Q&A


John Miller, senior VP of production for WeTV


Inside the screening room


Trina and Evelyn hit the red carpet.


Actress Keesha Sharp, singer Mel’issa Morgan, American Idol contestant Anwar Robinson