Bravo’s Attempts at Filling the Project Runway Void

Now that Project Runway has finally broken free from its legal battles and the Bravo network intends to battle against it with the Isaac Mizrahi-helmed The Fashion Show, the Washington Post‘s Lisa de Moraes took an interesting look at what Bravo is going to launch in addition to help combat “the void left by Runway.” The short of it is that there’s lots that are sorta-kinda-design-focused shows, but the majority of them seem potentially painful, including the “we’re willing to give it one shot before we force it to walk the plank” Sarah Jessica Parker-produced American Artist, which pits contemporary artists against one another like every other reality show. You might remember that we talked about it early last year and unfortunately we still don’t quite understand a world where that would be enjoyable to watch, let alone exist in, but like we said, we’re willing to give it a shot. With the others in the line-up? Maybe not so much. Remember when Bravo used to the be the artsy network?