Former Bravo Reality Star Doing Just Fine

Must be nice. In an interview with Hollywood Patch, Chad Rogers (pictured), realtor and former co-star of the Bravo reality series Million Dollar Listing, says that not only is the seven-million-dollar-plus housing market in the Hollywood Hills still red hot, but that buyers typically buy these properties sight unseen.

Rogers has been with Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills since 2002 and is coming off a banner commission year. He explains that in addition to wanting to refocus on his real estate career, there was another reason he voluntarily left the Bravo show:

“The majority of my clients didn’t want to be on TV. Let’s face it, you do exploit your clients on a reality show and the type of people I deal with value their privacy.”

How refreshing. The article also mentions Rogers being known for “having the Justin Bieber haircut first” and that this ridiculously young looking rep has managed to smite Paris Hilton. With that kind of traction, it’s no surprise that Rogers says he eventually expects to be back on the tube.

[Photo credit: Cassandra M. Bellantoni]

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