Brave Brigade: Android RPG Receives Major Expansion

The update introduces new story quests, pirate mercenaries and Valentine's Day content to players

Brave Brigade Chapter 1

ZQGame Global has announced the first major expansion for its story-driven Android RPG, Brave Brigade. Appropriately titled “Chapter 1,” the expansion, in part, brings a new set of pirate mercenaries to the game. Brave Brigade sees users choosing their own specialized hero and collecting over 200 mercenaries to take into battle, each with his or her own set of skills and abilities.

The Chapter 1 expansion features a new story arc of quests to complete, as well as new daily quests. There are expansive new “Field” landscapes to explore, and players can defeat pirates one stage at a time, or recruit freelance pirates to join their party.  As players clear waves of enemies in each stage of the game, they’ll receive treasure chests containing pirate tokens.

Gamers can trade in their winnings from these pirate dungeons to receive ultra-rare pirate gear, five and six-star rated mercenaries and more.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, gamers can also take part in an overall hunt for chocolate. Each piece of chocolate contains a hidden prize, which the developer says will help gamers on their journey.

In a statement, John Hwang, VP of Product at ZQGame Global, commented on the update:

Since launching Brave Brigade, we have seen a giant influx of diehard MMORPG players who have found comfort in familiarity, but with their mobile devices. That’s why [we] labeled Chapter 1 an expansion. Along with adding greater depth to the game, it caters strongly to our content-thirsty players which, in my opinion, is not commonplace for most other mobile RPGs.

Brave Brigade is available to download for free on the Google Play store. Outside of single-player quests, the game allows players to compete against others in tournaments, or take part in player-vs-player and cooperative boss raids.