Braunstein Trial Update: ‘Close My Account Because I Have About Eight Weeks To Live’


The NYT reports on the items Peter Braunstein bought off eBay and why he wanted to close his account:

Testimony presented yesterday as a window into Mr. Braunstein’s dark state of mind, if not soul, revealed how, starting in January 2005, he reportedly bought those items [including a gun, chloroform and a military-style mask] through eBay and, a Texas company that one of its executives testified was “for the shooting enthusiast.”

The defense, though, suggested it was part of his deteriorating mental health:

Celia Gordon, a lawyer for Mr. Braunstein, introduced an e-mail message that he sent to eBay about two weeks before the attack, asking to close his drgroovy account. “I want to close my account because I have about eight weeks to live, so just close it, O.K.?” Mr. Braunstein’s e-mail message said.

The Post delves into the attacker’s Google queries:

“Chloroform,” Peter Braunstein typed into his computer. “Girls. Rape. Video.” … “Chloroform and drugged girls,” he queried. “Supermodels. Chloroform kidnap videos.”

The Daily News reveals what ex-girlfriend Jane Larkworthy can expect:

When accused sex fiend Peter Braunstein’s abused ex-girlfriend has her day in court, she’ll be free to give a no-holds-barred account of their tortured relationship. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber ruled yesterday that fashion writer Larkworthy can be questioned about Braunstein’s bizarre behavior — including how Braunstein taped her to a chair and threatened her with a knife because she wanted to break up.


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