Braun Prize Cancels 2011 Design Awards, Will Restructure and Resume in 2012

The Braun Prize, the long-running product design competition, has announced that it has decided to stop running on a biennial schedule and instead go back to every three years. Since the last was held in 2009, you won’t see another until 2012. But the Prize wing of the industrial design company has promised that they’ll put that extra year off to good use, retooling the award through an overhaul of the submissions process and “an increased emphasis on greater accessibility for design interested consumers and a renewed focus to further extend into innovative, emerging markets.” (for now, that line seems to translate as “check back in with us later, okay?”). Here’s a bit from Oliver Grabes, the head of the company’s corporate design arm, who will be leading the award’s various alterations:

“We are tremendously excited about the prospect of a new BraunPrize in 2012. In making some significant changes to the awards process, we are further establishing our commitment to the accessibility of this competition and want to ensure that it not only provides a showcase to those who want to pursue a career in design, but that it also encourages engagement with design for those enthusiasts and professionals outside of an academic context.” He continues “As ever, we want to support great ideas, clarity of vision and practical, beautiful and intuitive solutions to everyday concerns, the trademarks of Braun’s influential design process.”