Brauchli Takes On Ignatius


From the Post’s letters to the editor section:

    David Ignatius, in claiming that the Wall Street Journal has declined since the days when he worked here, has unfortunately fallen victim to memory’s way of glorifying the past.

    Belying his nostalgia-tinged recollections is the Journal’s continuing string of Pulitzer Prizes — we’ve won more since he left than while he was here or before — including two this spring, one the public service award for exposing the backdating of stock options.

    Even easier to debunk is Mr. Ignatius’s baffling claim that the offbeat front-page story we call the “Ahed” has “disappeared.” It is there every single day, just as it always has been, and hasn’t missed a day since Mr. Ignatius left. Nor have we cut back on the number of in-depth Page 1 stories we run; in fact, we’ve rearranged the front page and added a story most days.

    We will be happy to provide a complimentary subscription to the Journal, in print or online or both, so Mr. Ignatius can get reacquainted with us.